Ministry Updates

June 1, 2021

Summer Adult Ministry Opportunities

June 6 – August 29
Men’s Bible Study
9:15am | RM AY125 | Led by Todd Olson
Isaiah 53 & Psalm 119
Women’s Bible Study
9:15am | RM AY126 | Led by Joann Marlier
Isaiah 53 & Psalm 119
18-23 – Galatians
(class for 18-23 year olds)
9:15am | Fireside Room | Led by Mick Naples &
Bruce Chimani
Get To Know 
9:15am | RM AY128 | Led by Jason Crank
New to Old North? This is the next best step if you want to learn about our vision, values & our people.
A Study In The Psalms
11:00am | RM AY126 | Led by Pastor Dan Osborn,
Steve Kristan and Clay Campfield
A survey through the more well known Psalms.
Old North Summer Institute (ONSI)
WEDNESDAYS 6:30-7:30pm
Use this summer to grow in your knowledge and application of Christianity by joining an ONSI class. 
The Institute will consist of two 4 week terms:
Term 1: June 16 – July 7 & Term 2: July 14 – August 4
Registration for Term 1 begins May 24 on our website.
 Register early! Classes will be capped at 20 people!
Introduction To Systematic Theology
RM AY128 | Led by Mick Naples
Systematic Theology is an ordered approach to studying the doctrines of God. Using Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology as our text, this class will consist of an ordered study of God, man, the word of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, and the church. 
Text available for $20 in Common Grounds.
The First Great Awakening
RM AY127 | Led by Chris Drombetta
The First Great Awakening is arguably one of the most important and influential spiritual revivals in church history. Learn about the key figures and moments in the Great Awakening and what lessons the First Great Awakening offers to believers today.
Common Sense Economics & The Christian Life
RM AY126 | Led by Pastor Marty Sweeney
Economics seems like an odd topic to cover in a context of bible study. But the study of economics actually relates quite a bit to how we think and act as Christians. Foundational principles of economics help us examine how we make decisions to live for the Lord each and every day. And, economics help us understand the world we live in. We’ll be reading some stretching articles and a few chapters from a book. Come ready to think, consider, question and grow together.
Introductions To Apologetics
RM AY125 | Led by Rich Heavener
In any serious discussion the idea that something is “wrong” with the world is bound to surface. But just where do our concepts of “rightness” or “wrongness” originate and how are they justified? In this class we will learn how the moral argument for God’s existence is a very powerful and useful tool in personal evangelism and will tackle hard questions that all of us face on a daily basis. 
Disciplines of The Christian Faith:Prayer & Fasting
Great Room | Pastor Dan Osborn
The disciplines of the Christian Faith are given to us so that we might be actively growing and maturing in our love and surrender to Jesus Christ. This class will focus on the purpose of Christian disciplines while developing practical ways that we can grow in our practice of these disciplines. 
Summer Scripture Memorization Initiative
June 9th to August 11th
The Psalmist declares in Psalm 119 that “storing up God’s Word” in your heart is key for the child of God in all areas of life. Yet for many of us, memorizing the Bible was a discipline of the Christian faith that we left behind when we left Vacation Bible School as a child. We are inviting the men and women of Old North to use this summer to memorize specific passages of God’s Word with one another! We are encouraging those who decide to participate to register with one other person, so begin thinking about who you would like to memorize Scripture with this summer!
REGISTER HERE for the Summer Scripture Memorization Initiative!
Dan Osborn – Pastor of Adult Ministry

May 15, 2021
Dear Friends,
Due to recent changes in the public health orders, Old North is shifting it’s Covid-19 safety protocols starting this upcoming Sunday, May 16.
Please click on this link to check out a quick video to hear about these changes:
With Love,
Pastor Nick

January 2, 2021

Winter Restart –

9:15am | RM AY128
January 10 – March 28
We often imagine Jesus as the ultimate peacemaker who saw all sides and overlooked differences on behalf of peace. The Gospels say this was not so. Jesus drew sharp lines. This class will walk through the interactions Jesus had about all kinds of topics throughout the Gospels.
11am | RM AY126
January 10 – March 28
The author of Hebrews is relentless in working to reveal Christ as greater than Moses, angels and the Levitical priests. In fact, the author argues, all of the Old Testament foreshadows the person and work of Jesus Christ. Hebrews encourages us to run the race before us in faithfulness and perseverance. This class will work through the book of Hebrews to encourage the Christian to live a life in worship of our great Savior.
9:15am | RM AY127
January 10, 17 & 24
New to Old North? Then GTK is the next step if you want to learn about our vision, values and our people. This 3-week class begins January 10. Sign-up HERE.
Contact Pastor Rick ( for more information.
Wednesday on campus
Thursday & Sunday off campus
Next month we will begin a new study through the book of Joshua called Remember the Rock. These groups will start on campus January 6 and off campus January 7 and 10.
Sign-up HERE. Contact Pastor Dan ( for more information.
In-person: Wednesday 9:30am & Monday 7pm
Zoom option: Wednesday 9:30am
Women of all ages are welcome to join us for an Old Testament survey study that starts in February. Childcare is available for both Monday and Wednesday in person studies.
Sign-up HERE. Contact Beth Harrell ( for more information.
Saturday 8am | RM AY126
Starting January 9
Men of all ages are welcome to join us as we study
the book of Revelation. Contact Al Williamson
( for more information.
Sunday school | 9:15 & 11am
Starting January 3
Awana | 6:30-8pm
Starting January 6
Contact Miss Betsy ( for more information.
Sunday school | 9:15am | Middle School Room
Starting January 3
Youth Group | 6:30-8pm | Middle School Room
Starting January 6
Contact Pastor Si ( for more information.
Sunday school | 9:15am | Great Room
Starting January 3
Youth Group | 6:30-8pm | Great Room
Starting January 6
Contact Pastor Kyle ( for more information.

November 25, 2020
Dear Friends, 
We’ve all seen and experienced the increase of Covid-19 cases in our community during recents weeks. This has caused businesses and schools to make a variety of adjustments as we all strive to navigate the reality of the situation. Old North is no different.
As we have continued to consult with a variety of medical professionals and due to the increase of Covid-19 cases and exposures among the church family and leaders, we are temporarily postponing our regular ministries outside of the primary Sunday morning worship service through the holidays. 
Our 9:15 and 11am services will continue as we strive to provide a safe environment by wearing masks, distancing and regular sanitation. Children’s ministry (birth-4th grade) will remain open during the 9:15am service only and our Christmas Eve services will continue as planned. Registration is forthcoming.
As always, you can join us online for the live-stream if you feel the need to stay home.
Thank you for your ongoing prayers, love, and partnership in the Gospel during this time! We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate our ongoing adjustments accordingly.
Trusting the Lord with You,
Pastor Nick

September 3, 2020

Fall Launch Video Invite:

July 23, 2020

Dear Old North Family,
This week our governor issued a statewide order on wearing masks. Check out the video below to hear Pastor Nick and Pastor Dan talk about what this means for our church!
In Christ –
Rebecca Halcomb

July 2, 2020
Dear Old North Family,
Membership in the local church is one of the great privileges and responsibilities that we share together. In committing ourselves to membership, we are committing ourselves to the Lord and to each other to pursue faithfulness to Jesus. 
– We serve the Lord by serving each other. 
– We learn from each other and teach each other. 
– We encourage each other.
– We commit to regular participation in the life of the church together
– We commit to financially support the work of ministry here and abroad.
I am so happy to be a committed church member with so many of you!
Every year, we gather together to celebrate what God has done in our midst and to look ahead to the upcoming year. We vote to affirm our elders who lead us and we vote on a ministry budget that we commit to support.
With that in mind, please join us for our Annual Members Meeting, July 19 at 5:00 pm. You can register to attend HERE. This year our meeting will be in the Worship Center. All are welcome to attend. Members, it is very important that you join us!
We look forward to celebrating God’s kindness together.
With Love,
Pastor Nick

June 22, 2020
Dear Old North Family,
This Sunday is Phase 1 of our Re-Gathering! We are so excited to see you, to hear you, and to worship with you in person.
We are asking everyone to Pre-Register your family to help us manage the flow of traffic. You can do so starting every Monday or throughout the week by going HERE.
In the meantime, please take 5 minutes and watch this video with some instructions and expectations for our time together!
With Love,
Pastor Nick

May 18, 2020
Good morning Old North Family,
Sundays are bittersweet as I gather with my family in front of a screen and watch the livestream and yearn to be with each of you in person. Our elders and pastors are already prayerfully considering all aspects of what that will take.
In case you missed our announcement yesterday during the service or would like to watch it again you can view it HERE.
Our weekly Coffee & Conversation will be FB live at 10am Tuesday morning with Pastors Nick & Dan. This is a great time of encouragement and where you can interact and comment.
Tomorrow evening at 6:30pm is our weekly Zoom prayer meeting. Would you join us? Register HERE, and tomorrow afternoon you will receive a zoom link from Pastor Dan that will allow you to join the meeting when it begins. (If you have previously signed up for our zoom prayer meeting you are already on the list so no need to sign-up again.)
With love,
Rebecca Halcomb

May 17, 2020
Dear Old North Family,
Below is an update we gave in church today:

May 1, 2020
Dear Friends,
May is here!  Thanks so much for your ongoing participation in the online ministry of Old North.  Here are just a few of our newer online ministries for you to participate in:
Monday @ 10am:  Sermon Discussion Group – Join us for a structured conversation around the Scripture passage and the Sermon from Sunday.  Sign-up HERE!
Tuesday @ 10am:  Coffee and Conversation – Follow us on Facebook Live and interact with the group on various topics each week.  Next week will be an opportunity to get to know Pastor Reggie Seutia!
Tuesday @ 6:30pm:  Online Prayer Meeting – These have been wonderful and simple ways to connect with other believers spend 45-60 in prayer and conversation.  Sign-up HERE!
Wednesday @ 4:30pm Large Group Bible Study in the book of Colossians – We’ll be using the guide called Captivated by Christ.  You can order the book HERE.  And sign-up for the online study HERE.  This group begins May 6.
Please continue to share the livestream link with your friends and neighbors and “Like” the Old North Page on Facebook and follow us on Youtube!
In continued optimism for how the Lord is working,
You are Loved,
Pastor Nick

April 23, 2020


We have much to be thankful for and much to work on during these difficult times.  Here are some ways you can continue to participate in the life of the church and grow in your relationship with Jesus:

Seeing your Faces!  Let’s face it, we all miss seeing one another on Sundays. So, we want to see how you’ve adapted to Sunday mornings so far. This Sunday during church we’re asking all of you who are able to send a picture or two that best represents what that looks like in your home. Be normal, be fun, be creative, be yourself! And who knows, it may end up on an upcoming live-stream service. You can send your photos to

Online Prayer Meeting – This week we had some incredible times of prayer online.  Our next Online Prayer Meeting will be Tuesday @ 6:30pm.  Sign up HERE to get the Zoom Invite!

Invite, “Like” and “Share” – You can continue to help expand the online ministry of Old North by “liking” the Youtube Channel and Facebook Page, Sharing the Live-Stream in real time on Sunday morning and personally inviting your friends or family to watch with you from a distance.  We will be Live-Streaming again this Sunday at 9:15am.

Tune in – Next Tuesday (4/28) Pastor Nick will be interviewed on Moody Radio (WCRF 103.3FM) with Brian and Janelle in the Mornings.  You can listen on the Radio or online HERE

Coffee and Conversations – Tuesday at 10am we will have our weekly Coffee & Conversations on Facebook Live.

Sign up –  Our Late Spring online study in Colossians lead by Pastor Dan and Pastor Marty begins on May 6 via Zoom.  You can sign up HERE!

Covid-19 Interview – Check out the interview below with one of our elders who has Covid-19.

Longing for our Reunification,

Pastor Nick and Pastor Reggie

April 17, 2020


Sometimes when we are moving through a unique season on a day-by-day basis, it is helpful to take a step back and look at what God has been teaching us and then look ahead to what is coming up.

There has been an intentional logic to our Sunday Live-Stream messages that have been designed to encourage you during this season. Here is a brief summary:

3/15 – Psalm 62 – The Ballast for Life – What do I do in Difficult Times? Here we see the exhortation to wait on the Lord and trust in the Lord in the midst of difficulty. He is our Rock and Salvation and Power is His.

3/22 – Psalm 91 – Where do we Go?  Where do we go when times are uncertain? When you are seeking safety from the pestilence, shelter in the Shadow of the Almighty.

3/29 – Ephesians 4:1-6 – Walking in the Midst of Pandemic – There is a particular way in which we are to walk during this time, especially as it relates to others. Displaying personal graces toward others displays God’s grace to us. 

4/5 – 2 Cor 5:1-10 – Courage in Difficult Times – Courage comes when we have confidence in the future. 

4/12 – Ephesians 3:14-21 – An Easter Prayer – God gives deep inner strength to us according to the riches of his glory and the power of the resurrection and Christ’s immeasurable Love for us provides us with lasting security. We pray that you will experience these things all the more.

All of the messages are available on our website:

COMING UP: Some great ways for you to stay connected

Sunday Live-Stream @ 9:15am – oldnorthchurch.orgYouTube or Facebook live.

Looking for opportunity to pray with others? – Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm a number of our pastors will be hosting prayer meetings on Zoom.  It should be an uplifting time together!  You can sign up HERE.

Coffee and Conversation – Tuesday, April 21 at 10am on Facebook Live. Join me and Dan Osborn for our next installment!

Women’s Bible Study – Study the book of Ruth with other ladies on Thursdays at 7pm.  Email Sara Davis to join at

New Adult Bible Study – Captivated by Christ interactive study in Colossians, Wednesdays at 4:30pm, beginning May 6.  Sign-ups and description will come out next week. 

Online Giving – You can continue to participate in giving by either sending your gifts to the church in the mail or giving online.  You can make an online gift HERE.

Do you have a specific need?  Please let us know how we can help!  You can do so by filling out this short form HERE.

There are lots of opportunities for you to stay connected. We are hearing some great stories of how people are reaching out to each other during this time. Keep it up! Your care and concern for each other are wonderful expressions of what it means to be in the family of God together!

With Love,

Pastor Nick

April 8, 2020

Dear Friends,

Change is one of the inevitabilities of this life.  This axiom is so well illustrated in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic.As our world is changing, please take a few minutes and think through the opportunities you have in this change by watching the video below.

With Love,

Pastor Nick

April 7, 2020

Dear Friends,

The times are difficult for many among us and your Old North Family wants to continue in striving to care for each other in tangible ways.  We have been in contact with many of you over the phone and so thankful to hear of the Lord’s ongoing provision.  So many of you have stepped up to help others out and have thus been displaying love to one another in incredible ways.

With that ongoing desire in mind, if you have a specific need, please let us know as we will try to help in the ways that we can.  You can do so by filling out this form:

Likewise, we have a team of people praying for you throughout the week.  If you have a specific prayer request, you can submit it here.

We are thankful that the Lord has given us each other in times like these!

With Love,

Pastor Nick

April 2, 2020

Dear Old North,

The time marches on and the stay at home order is taking its toll on many of us. I hope you are continuing to find ways to diversify your activities, take advantage of the time afforded to you, and trust the Lord for health today and provisions tomorrow. We continue striving to encourage you in this time.  Here is a brief video update for you:

Let’s keep sharing the Live-Stream.  The Old North Sunday live streams have grown over our two weeks doing them. This past weekend approximately 700 devices accessed the stream in real-time.  Thousands have viewed the services and engaged with them after the fact. During a period when people are asking many questions, let’s continue to point them to the Lord. 

We need your help for Easter!  As you know, Easter Sunday is our most celebrated Sunday of the year.  This year will not have the same fanfare as years past, but we still desire to make it special. We would love it if you would send us a 3-6 second videoclip of you and your family giving us an Easter greeting (“He is Risen!” or “Happy Easter!” or something of the like). We will compile a video montage to work into our Easter Service. Please email your short clip to no later than Tuesday afternoon (4/7).

Good Friday Service, 7pm. – Please join us for our Good Friday Live Stream at 7pm on April, 10th. We look forward to that solemn and meaningful time together.

Giving update & Text-to-Give – We’re thankful to report that Text-to-Give is now live and active. This provides another opportunity to worship the Lord through giving, invest in gospel work, and express ongoing generosity as a church family. Simply text any amount to 330-845-5756. If you already have an account through our online giving system, your gift will automatically be linked to your account. If not, you’ll be prompted to create an account. If you have difficulties setting up your online giving amount, American Church is happy to help. Please call them at (800) 348-2886. 
Now is the time for Christians to shine as a light in the darkness.  May we continue to strive to this end together.

With Love,

Pastor Nick

March 25, 2020

Dear Church Family,

I hope you are well.  We are now just a few days into our “stay at home” order.  For me, it feels as if it’s been a few weeks.  I imagine that the introverts among us might be feeling differently.

As we move through this undetermined amount of time of isolation, I want to remind you of a very real need and a few important activities.  As “stay at home” progresses many will have the need for social contact or interaction.  Some of us will seek it out, but others might not have the wherewithal to do so, even though they need the interaction just as much.  This is where you can help.  A simple phone call, text message, email, or facetime can go a long way during this time and is a wonderful way to express love for your family and neighbors.

Who should you reach out to?  Anyone!  Everyone!  Especially those who are alone.

The Pastors and the Elders of the church continue to seek to provide a number of ways for you to interact with good content and with each other throughout the week.  Here are some examples:

·      This Sunday we will Live Stream our service again at 9:15am.  Thanks for your patience as we continue to learn the technology and work out the bugs.  This is a great opportunity to invite friends or neighbors to watch virtually with you.  You can watch it the church WebsiteYoutube or Facebook.

·      Facebook has many downsides, but during times like this can be very helpful.  Make sure to follow Old North’s Facebook account for interactive Live Streams and other news.

·       Growth Groups are up and running on the Zoom platform.  It’s not too late for you to become a part of one!  Email Dan Osborn at if you are interested!

·      The Church Blog is active with a new entry.  Check it out HERE.

·      We will be sending out an increased number of videos to encourage you in days ahead as well. 

Here is our latest encouragement from Pastor Marty.

We love you Old North.  

If you need anything don’t hesitate to reach out or call the office during our reduced hours of 8am-12pm, Monday-Friday.

Looking forward to our sweet reunion,

Pastor Nick

March 16, 2020

Dear Church Family, 

As we move further down the road of the Coronavirus Pandemic we are all acutely aware that the normal rhythms of life are significantly changing.  We have been working diligently to recalibrate the way we minister during this unique time.  Even in the midst of difficulty, there is great opportunity!  Here are some details about how we will proceed in the coming days. 

Sunday Morning Live Stream @ 9:15am:  We will live stream a modified Sunday service that will include a sermon, some music with lighter instrumentation, prayers and a ministry update.  You can access it via our website, Facebook or Youtube.  The service will be recorded and accessible throughout the week. 

Family Ministry Weekly Email:  Saturday night we will send out a weekly email with resources for children and students, including sermon note pages, Gospel project lessons and videos for kids, and discussion questions for families with students. 

Growth Groups:  We are exploring the possibility of our Growth Groups continuing to meet virtually through an online meeting tool called Zoom.  Stay tuned for more details from your growth group leader.  The target start date for this is the week of March 22nd

Middle School and High School:  Our Youth Ministry Team will be sending out a weekly video for students via email to parents and our Instagram account.  This will begin Tuesday, March 24th

Online Giving:  You can continue to help advance the ministry of Old North and our missionaries around the world through your giving. You can give HERE.

Church Blog:  Check out the new blog section of our church website for entries that will encourage you and stimulate your thinking.  Pastor Chris has made our first entry. 

Care Ministry:  If you have a specific need that the church can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out by calling the church office.  Conversely, if you are able to meet common needs that people have during this time, let us know!

 Old North Spotify Playlist:  If you are looking for encouraging Christian music to listen to, check out our playlist HERE. In the meantime:  Trust the Lord and express your dependence on Him in prayer; keep looking out for others around you; exercise wisdom in your meeting with other people. 

We Love You Old North! 

Pastor Nick

March 13, 2020

Church Family,

I write to you with mixed emotions as we consider how to engage in Covid-19 Pandemic. The situation is changing so quickly. We’ve been approaching the issue with the utmost seriousness as we have meeting everyday to discuss the implications of the changing environment for our church.

The church is a gathering of people who worship the Lord by hearing from His Word, relying on Him in prayer and encouraging others in fellowship. Gathering together is at the core of who we are as Christians. But what happens when gathering together becomes unadvisable for situations out of our control?

Governor DeWine has issued a ban on gatherings of over 100 people. He was careful to neither ban nor exempt religious gatherings, but rather, he followed with a plea for all of us to help care for others in our actions by considering others before ourselves.

Essentially, he was asking us to love our neighbors in a particular way. One of the very things Christians are called by God to do.

With the desire to love our neighbors by helping in slowing the spread of the Coronavirus and in honoring the request of our governor, Old North is cancelling all of our gatherings for the coming days. We will evaluate on a week-by-week basis. It is with great sadness that we do so. We love you and love being together.

Christians, there are is also great opportunity here.
• This is a time for us to shine with great confidence and certain hope and point others to the source of that confidence and hope, the Lord Jesus.

• We have the opportunity to display love for others by checking on our neighbors and friends, especially those who are elderly, ill or those adversely effected by loss of work.

• This is time to redouble our efforts in prayer and family worship, while our corporate worship is interrupted.

Starting next week, Old North will be producing online sermons, studies, and encouraging conversations for you during the hiatus. We hope you find them useful. We also encourage you to meet in smaller groups in homes as you feel comfortable. Many of you worship God through giving. You can continue to give at the church website or at the online giving portal.

This week, we remind of you a sermon given a few years ago from Psalm 62, called “The Ballast for Life.” You can find it highlighted on our website.

Finally, I’d like to encourage you with the words of Psalm 91:1-2. “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the LORD, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

More updates will be forthcoming,

You are Loved,

Pastor Nick


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